What is ASCII?

Members of the ASCII Group proudly adhere to the ASCII Code of Ethics, a reseller's pledge to provide professional service. Over 1000 resellers in the United States and many more worldwide pledge to deliver to their clients the best service possible, utilizing a knowledgeable staff of trained and certified professionals.

ASCII members are experienced in determining needs and configuring equipment, integrating cross-platform systems, and developing custom hardware and software solutions. They understand that customers have needs after their equipment is bought, and provide after-sale support, training, repairs, or upgrades.

Your local ASCII member is a part of your community. They offer you the convenience you need and the personal touch you deserve. For a decision as important as choosing technology solutions, don't take chances. An ASCII dealer will supply the service and support you need, before during, and after the sale.

Even though ASCII member resellers are independent, they often reach out to other resellers in the group or utilize the organization itself to provide more and better services and products for their clients. ASCII members often assist one another with clients in different geographies, clients with specialized needs, and technical and business consulting and advice.

The ASCII Pledge (click to see the full version)

Tony Stirk has been a member of ASCII's Advisory Board in the US since 2007.

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